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parents' comments

"Thanks for the great week of camp. My son, Eli, attended your camp for the first time this year. Of the many camps we’ve done through the years, I found this camp to be one of the most well-run, organized, and beneficial camps he has attended. He had great things to say each day and felt he had received great instruction. Thank you!"
Michael Born Basketball Camp 2014

"Will and Josh absolutely loved your basketball camp... Two years in a row now. We hope to have many more great experiences in your camps in the years to come (the boys are 7&9). Thanks for offering such a positive experience for them! Keep up the good work!"
Angie Sadler
Michael Born Basketball Camp 2013

"I love this camp. It is the best. I love carnival day. I love doing drills too. Pretty much the whole camp."
Redek Born (age 6 / first time camper) - Tualatin, OR
Michael Born Basketball Camp 2012

"The camp is awesome. I like the drills and games. I like playing with all my friends. I love the camp carnival too."
Bowen Born - Tualatin, OR
Michael Born Basketball Camp 2012

"Your camp is a wonderful time of memories for me and my granddaughter. Even if she never becomes a great basketball player, she has improved unbelievably; more importantly, your camp proves that in a HEALTHY, WHOLESOME, STRUCTURED AND DISCIPLINED ATMOSPHERE, kids will still have a blast. The life lessons that you teach at camp are as important as the lay-ups!!! That's what Cassi asks for her birthday - a week at your camp! Making new friends is an added bonus! Looking forward to seeing you next year."
Sharon Murry
Danny Manning Basketball Camp

"Hunter participated in the camp for his third time this year and he absolutely loved it (again). He looks forward to this camp every year. We appreciate the quality of camp you run and he learns something new and comes back with rave reviews every summer. Thank you."
Sherri Loveland Dedloff
Danny Manning Basketball Camp

"I want to thank you for running such a wonderful camp. This is Will's fourth year, and it continues to be "the only camp I want to go to. If they were all like that I would love summer." Thanks for creating such an encouraging environment and for gathering such inspiring coaches. We plan our summer around the Danny Manning camp and will continue to do so until Will can no longer attend."
Kirsten Evans
Danny Manning Basketball Camp

"Dear Coach Born - I wanted to thank you for the awesome experience my daughter had at the Fred Hoiberg Basketball Camp. The first morning, she was a bit apprehensive when she saw that it was mostly boys at the camp, but by the end of the morning, she was thrilled with her day. She learned many new skills, which she continues to practice in hopes that she can play for the Cyclones some day! As a parent, I appreciated the lessons you and Fred had at the beginning and end of each day. As she told relatives and friends about the camp, she relayed those first, and then told them about the skills she had practiced. I could have said those same words to her 100 times, but it meant so much more coming from you guys. Those lessons were invaluable. She has been to other basketball camps, and I can honestly say that yours IS the best. When we asked her if she wanted to go back next year, it was an absolute YES!!!! Thank you both so much for the awesome experience! Much appreciation!"
Susan Campbell
Fred Hoiberg Basketball Camp

"This was my sons first year doing the camp. He is 9 years old. Kyle had a blast and asked if they were going to have it again next year and I said I hope so. He really wants to do it again next year. I was very impressed how organized everyone was and they kept on there schedule.
Fred was a very good teacher on what he said to the kids. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who was a part of making the Hoiberg Camp a success. We look forward to next year! Thank You!"
Connie Mahlstede
Fred Hoiberg Basketball Camp

"Thank you Mike for all your time and efforts to make the camp great! It was a terrific learning experience for Isaac. Not only did he have a blast, but he learned a lot about the game of basketball and more importantly - about the game of life! I appreciate the commitment you and all the staff made to help kids become the best they can be! Thank you!"
Mona Bichel
Fred Hoiberg Basketball Camp

"Thank you for the awesome experience our two sons had at basketball camp last week! They learned a lot and had fun doing it. I was very
impressed at how organized and well run the camp was! The ratio of coaches to kids was great and they got the attention they needed to feel
successful! The prizes and awards were a definite bonus! The autograph and picture session at the end was exciting for them. I was impressed at how much time and effort Fred (and his family and friends) put into his camp, especially with all his health issues. It shows his dedication to the game and true family values. We will definitely be back next year and bring some friends with us! I have already told some parents to put it on their calendar next year.
Erin Wilson
Fred Hoiberg Basketball Camp

"Between our two sons, Scott & Eric, they have attended the Michael Born Basketball Camps for about ten years. It is such a positive, fun experience while they are also learning the basic fundamentals and good sportsmanship. Mike does such a wonderful job."
Inez Boyken - West Des Moines, IA
Michael Born Basketball Camps

"Sending our son to the Born Basketball Camps was the best thing we did for our son after moving to Iowa. It helped him meet great people, improved his basketball skills, helped him grow in confidence and as a person. That was five years ago and we haven't missed a camp yet!"
Mark & Julia Seaton - West Des Moines, IA
Michael Born Basketball Camps

"Our son Byran went on and on about the camp and wants me to make certain he gets signed up again this year. His favorite day was the "carnival" day, because he got to play a lot of competition games such as 2-ball, knock-out, finesse and dribble derby. He also made a lot of new friends. I was pleasantly surprised with Bryan's enthusiasm as he lives and breathes for basketball. I was afraid that he would be bored with the fundamentals, but instead, that was what made it fun for him. He's looking forward to coming this year!"
Pat Griffith - Grimes, IA
Michael Born Basketball Camps

"We love for our son to attend Matt's camp because it is well run. It is well organized, no time is wasted and all skill areas are taught. Our son, who is 11 and will be attending his 3rd year this summer, loves it because they get awards daily, there are great instructors, and you guys make it FUN! Thanks for all you do!"
Melanie Clement - The Woodlands, TX
A "purple people eater" fan!
Matt Bullard Basketball Camp

"Our 12 year old son, Ryan, loves the stations they do everyday. He takes the skills from these and puts them to use on the court. He also likes the knockout games, (especially when he almost beat Danny one day). Which is another reason this camp is great, Danny is there participating with the kids each day. Katelyn, my 13 year old daughter says, "It is so much fun, I wish it were two weeks long." Her favorite times at the camp are the games at the end of the day and working on her game with the individual skills they teach you. Thank you!"
Monty Hobbs - Lawrence, KS
Danny Manning Basketball Camp

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